Wild life in Murchison Falls

Get a chance to view wild life in Murchison Falls: Animals, Wildlife and Birds found at Murchison Falls Park, 76 kinds of Mammals have been found at Murchison Falls Park including;

Elephants: you can find them or they will find you on game drives and also as you take the boat launch up to the bottom of the falls.

Buffaloes: The African Buffalo is quiet a large animals and move a bout groups and you will find them most any where as you go on game drives or on boat launch.

Lions: Hopefully the savannah grass is not too high and you can get an up close look at a pride.

Giraffes: Gracefully moving across the savannah, they are fabulous animals.

Antelopes: Uganda Kob, Hartebeest, Bushbuck, Defassa Waterbuckk, Bohor Reedbuck, Oribi.

Monkeys: Vervet monkeys, Baboon, Black and White Colobus, Patas Monkeys and some Chimpanzees in the Rabongo Forest and you can track them in Budongo Forest.

Warthogs: That unique looking pig can be found in many places here, even as you cross the Nile for a game drive or to check in to your lodging at Paraa Lodge.

Side Striped Jackal: Hopefully you will come across some as you take your game drive, they are often quite elusive.

Leopards: Most people simply adore the pattern of their coat and here you can find one in the wild.

Spotted Hyenas: Scary looking but most often move a way from humans.

Over 450 species of Bird are found at Murchison Falls Park including:

• Over 50 kinds of Raptors
• Numerous water Birds
• Shoebill Stork

• Snakes of various kinds…the closest you will usually get is when you see a bird flying off with one.
• Crocodiles: The Nile Crocodile is quite large here and numerous.
• Savannah Monitor: Often mistaken for a Crocodile